Westbend US 820 "Copperhead" Hot-saw
Well fellas my new Vintage US 820 will be on it's way as soon as the factory release them on the 20th of Febuary 2007.

These are new build engines using the origional molds and dies from 1961 and have all the latest in upgrades
and improvements to make the old bender get down and boogie with the best.
The Vintage US820 is the same engine as the Copperhead version the only difference being smaller cooling fins on both the cylinder, head and the use of the origional style of head shroud.
Progress report on the Building of my new
Vintage US820  " McCulloch Super Pro 820 "

Progress report  25 -03-07

Engine ordered 16-2-2007.

Thanks Dave ...

My engines birthday WOW .........
I await your next email ole mate.

Bob ................. Mc "Bender" Bob.

Saturday  April 07, 2007

Bob; Just talked to u.s.m.p. They built your 820 today.
Will ship to me on monday I will let you know when i get it.

Thanks Dave.

As I read the message below I could not help but think of Benedict Arnold and Jane Fonda :-)
Like Anniken Skywalker you have gone over to the other side and I fear you are slipping into the abyss.

"May the McCulloch gods have mercy on your soul".

All my sympathy,
Steve O'Hara
Mc Bender Bob
My new US820 HAS ARRIVED 30-6-07
The New newly arrived engine sitting on my workshop bench.
Running the Copperhead
Page updated 27th November  2008
Right fellas in the search  of a better balanced saw i have started working on fitting the Copperhead Westbend into a Mc SP125 frame at this stage it's only early days in mockup as i have only made the adaptor to mount the Westbend to the SP125 oil-tank and checking the basic layout .... Hmmm should work OK

Mc Bob.
We are doing another frame setup and when done the Copperhead will be transferred to the Mac SP125 frame as we need better balance and a saw that points better to the block.
But for now it will remain as is till all is ready for the swap into the McCulloch SP125 frame, we will also utilise the SP125 oil tank as it has auto oiling plus the saw will be fully cushioned.
Update one