Antique and Vintage Two-man Chainsaws

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Importing the golden oldies
Sourced from the US and at a landed price right here in Australia
Finding and importing those hard to get American Classic's from a bygone era
Call Mc Bob now on 02 49 362093
All saws quoted do not include freight from me to you
Note shipping the saw from the USA is not a cheap option as it includes shipping from the origional seller to my depot in LA then an extra charge is added to cover the cost of being placed inside the container for sea shipping to Australia, all saws will be stored at my home address till i'm notified of your arrangements as regards freighting the saw to you and the cost of postage or freight is expected before the saw can be dispatched to the courier.
More Antique and Vintage Chainsaw's to follow soon
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17th Febuary  2012
If you missed out on the previous listed saws then believe me its the quick or the dead.
Mall 7 ... 1950
no 2
This Mall 7 is a runner and complete just needing a clean up and paint job
Here and in stock ready to go need a Mall 7 ?
Another nice Mall 7 H on its way
Missing one or two screws from the top of the fuel tank and possibly from the airfilter we'll know more on its arrival downunder but she looks good.
Mall 7 H
Another Mall 7 saw is complete except for a chain it comes with bar and a helpers handle a good detail and a coat of paint wouldn't go astray

Not sure about spark but the engines turns over fine

Looks can be decieving

Maybe it's time to join the Mall gang these saws are extremely popular with collectors and this one would make for a relatively easy project
Mall 7g
Ring me on 02 49 362093

As regards delivery time down - under
Mall 6 1946
I don't normally buy incomplete two man saws but this Mall 6 i couldn't pass-on ... i have a set of good handle bars coming and hopefully a gearbox bar and a helpers handle.

Mall 6 are getting hard to find in any condition the engine turns over not sure about spark so it won't be an overnight resto i may even keep it myself i have the parts here to complete the saw

A little time love and attention to detail and you too could have not only a unique saw but a rare one as well
Mall 7h has compression and pulls over saw is complete just lacking paint
Mall 7 H
Might not be the prettiest Mac 99 but it's complete and pulls over has weak spark
comes with a bar and chain i should have a helpers handle here for it as well

McCulloch Model 99
Two-Man chainsaw
Sold to Rockhampton along with the IEL 'L'

Mall 11 complete but minus the recoil starter assenbly you can still rope start this saw ......... saw has good compression and spark.

The Mall 11 is a very light two man saw a coat of paint and presto a very nice saw.
Mall 11 Two Man Chainsaw
Mercury KB7AY ... Short engine has magneto carby and runs