The Homelite Kart Engines

KL 92..... 92cc ..... 2.1875 x 1.500 ..... year produced



Homelite once offered a 1.538 stroker crank for the K-92 engines, bringing them to 5.78 cubic inches. I'd imagine this 2.1875 bore/1.538 stroke was used on the KL-95 as well.
No proof, but logical! TJ
Homelite Zip saws share some parts with the 82 and 92, and possibly the 95, although I'm exactly sure which ones at the moment. The 100 is unique to karting.

Zip saws and Homelite kart engines share the same clutch centers. Only the drums are different. The PTO is stepped (memory says maybe 9/16" to 5/8"). The clutch  have two keys to the crank, and the drum rides on a bushing over the smaller-diameter end. Six shoes and two springs are in the clutch.
These engines share some parts with the Homelite chainsaws, such as recoil starters, cylinder covers, fan covers, etc, but the cranks blocks, cylinders, etc are kart specific.
All images on this page are of the KL and KR 92 Homelite Kart Engine
Compiled with the help of the fella's from the REAR Forum

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The two engines pictured came off a Homelite Spitfire Kart