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The Deckson, Grand-Prix and Deltek range of Mini Bikes
Australia's Mini Bike 1969 - 1974
The Grand Prix, Deltek and Deckson Owners Register
or those who wear
"The Grand Prix, Deltek or Deckson Grin"

Look in the Grand Prix, Deltek and Deckson owners and their Mini Bikes  list
DECKSON was established in 1970- 72.
The name being  a amalgamation of John Deck and his sons.
He would import frames from Taiwan and install engines made in Sydney by James Kirby and Briggs & Stratton.

DELTEKS were created by also using frames from another Taiwanese manufacturer  and adding the Victa 125cc engines only.
These were distributed in Australasia via

All engines had the original Victa carbys replaced with AMAL carbs for reasons I can't explain which is one way of determining if you have a unmodified bike.
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The Deckson
Demon ....Dasher  ..... Dare Devil  .... Clubman

Hunter 1973
Grand Prix, Deltek and Deckson Mini Bikes in Australia.

In 1969 Taiwan firms which had been exporting large numbers of mini bikes to the USA turned their eyes to Australia.
At the same time the Sydney firm of John Deck and sons were developing their own prototype under the eye of engineering representive John Lane.

John Deck and sons examined the Taiwan designs and decided that limited Australian production would find them impossible to match in price. They therefore launched a series of Taiwan imports under the Grand-Prix brand.
Weighing only 5lb's without engine, the early models had rigid frames, 400x 5 tyres and fold-down handlebars and the price was $ 75-00.without power unit.
Several engines could be fitted one popular unit the Kirby four stroke fitted with a automatic clutch with improved models under the Deckson Marque
If you have either brocures or printed price lists of different years that may help in identifing the various models  then would you contact me Bob Cornwell ........... scans of brocures and price lists would be fantastic
All Detek Mini Bikes were origionally fitted with Victa 125cc engines with an Amal Carburator
These 3 brands were offered with or without engines which makes identification a bit harder to comfirm.
Well fellas i still need a positive ID on the Mini Scrambler MK11 and the Deltek B3 Stinger